Bosnia and Herzegovina – Investment opportunities in Slobomir City

By akim|April 15, 2010|Opportunities|0 comments

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1) Construction of Aqua park, with open and closed swimming pools on the surface of about 5.3 hectares of constructional land and related tourist and catering facilities, which raise the level of tourism of Slobomir city, the municipality of Bijeljina and the entire Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina

2) Construction of geothermal heating plant, heating facilities, which provide heating of the water park and other facilities in Slobomir, using the energy of geothermal water from the first earmarked geothermal well, which is built in Slobomir at a depth of 1800 m and temperature of 75-80 º C

3) Construction of Factory for bottling potable water and beverages in Slobomir

4) The construction of residential buildings with 180 apartments – total area of about 12.000m² in Slobomir

5) The construction of green – houses in Slobomir for producing fruits and vegetables, which are heated by geothermal energy

6) Construction of primary school

7) Construction of shopping center in Slobomir, total area of 30,000 m² with a garage of about 7,500 m² net area

8) Construction of a multifunctional facility “Pavlovic Tower” with 40 floors, height 177 m, an area of 45,000 m², which is, due to its height, suitable for business in telecommunication area.

9) The project of employing people with disabilities in the whole Republic of Srpska, and training them in the fields of foreign languages and computer technologies, firstly improving their knowledge, and training them for work, with the intent to develop this project in the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina

10) The project of food processing industry of agricultural product developing factory “Sava Semberija” LTD Bijeljina, which will directly employ over 120 workers and will indirectly provide development for 4000 to 5000 agricultural households in the area of Semberija.

11) The project of construction of a Factory for producing milk and processing milk products in Sokolac, Romanija, providing incentives micro-credits to farmers to produce milk on Romanija, which will raise the standard and quality of life of the population in this region.

12) The project of construction of the airport and golf courses on Romanija plateau, which will contribute to tourism development and promotion of natural amenities of the area.

Video material related to the investment can be viewed here.