Chicago makes business with Bulgarians and our neighbors

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BulgariaSegaInternational Symposium on “Business and investment opportunities in Southeast Europe”, in which seven countries presented their opportunities for American business in Illinois and Chicago, marks an optimistic creditable success and the organizers and participants. Participation of Bulgaria for us is even more joyful. A good performance, and it in line between the country and the Bulgarian community in the U.S., are another good indicator.

So far such business presentations organized by the US-Southeast-European Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, in which members and Bulgarian businessmen are implemented by individual countries. For the first time countries of the region make it together and the effect became apparent almost immediately. In the room were representatives of U.S. business community with a specific interest area. And they were little.

Our participation seemed most appropriate. We had expert performance in the face of a special envoy from the country – lawyers from the law firm Djingov, Gouginski, Kyuchukov and Velichkov – Violetta Kunze. It came with a very good platform and concrete things. They were very successful steps to promote opportunities in Bulgaria.

Now we are faced with the trade representative of Bulgaria’s embassy in Washington to organize a special presentation on investment opportunities in Bulgaria. Likely to be utilized and a visit of Bulgarian businessmen, lawyers or politicians. We face the task of sharing information with American business – more specific and optimally useful. This was a very useful forum. It also reflected the benefits of Bulgaria and Romania as part of the European Union.

(A version of Bulgaria Sega apologized that at the beginning of the above text is omitted to mention the name of the Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago Mr. Donchev in the print edition of the newspaper)

In mid-April this year US-Southeast-European Chamber of Commerce (AmSECC), in a very productive partnership with the world famous law firm Baker & McKenzie “hosted a unique event – the International Symposium on” Business and investment opportunities in Southeast Europe . Representatives of seven countries of Southeast Europe discuss business opportunities and investments in the region to their countries.

Bulgarian side participated:
Hon. Valentin Donchev, Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago
Attorney Mrs. Violetta Kunze, a partner at law firm Djingov, Gouginski, Kyuchukov & Velichkov, Sofia,
Mr. Dimitar Chalakov member of the Board of Directors of US-Southeast-European Chamber of Commerce in Chicago.
Clement Velichkov journalist, member of AIPS was representative of the century “Bulgaria Sega” in the Bulgarian press in the U.S..

The main representatives of the other six countries involved were:
Hon. Eldin Kajevic, Consul General of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Chicago
Hon. Rene Grah, Consul General of the Republic of Croatia in Chicago
Hon. Jovica Palashevski, Consul General of the Republic of Macedonia in Chicago
Mr. Gabriel Dutu, Consul of the economy of Romania in Chicago
Mr. Zoran Golubovic, Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Chicago
Mr. Salih Kandas, head of trade and economic experts in the Commercial Office of Consulate General of the Turkish Republic in Chicago.
The opening words were provided by Mr Philip Suse – managing partner of law firm Baker & McKenzie – Chicago office. Message served Mrs. Mary Roberts, deputy director of the Illinois Department of Economy, Trade and Investment, Mr. Leonard Scott, AmSECC. Mr. Arthur George, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, was moderator of the event. More than 100 people.

Dimitar Chalakov

Dimitar Chalakov member of the Board of Directors of US-Southeast-European Chamber of Commerce, operates more than 15 years in information technology, especially in software development and autosorsinga. During this period he was head of the other teams with multinational staff, specialist, developer, consultant and entrepreneur in Europe and USA. Its broad capabilities enable it to create better international connections and high credibility in the creation of new products and innovation. Participated in construction projects in telecommunications, but also in the development and design of products in various other areas. For the last few years done to create better links and partnerships between companies from Eastern Europe and the U.S., and in providing software consulting services. Holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from the Technical University in Sofia. Dimitar Chalakov a member of the Bulgarian-American Association – Chicago and performed with many useful contacts between Bulgarian and other communities in Illinois. His wide-skills allow him to deal with complex systems-oriented demand for oil and gas. He has also worked for Motorola. Member of Illinois Technology Association / ITA /.

What is your overall impression of the organization and operation of this first-ever Business Forum in Chicago where he fell to the active role of the ethnic communities of the Southeast European countries living in the U.S. and American business?
-The meeting was very organized. Baker & McKenzie specializing in the preparation and holding of such forums and strive, because it helps attract new customers. That’s why we have provided our halls and offices are located in one of the most representative buildings of Chicago, one of the most popular places in Downtown, with a great park and lake.

Have convincing representatives of the parties involved, who spoke about investment opportunities?
-Yes, the facts and conclusions were well chosen and served with convincing examples, summaries, charts, etc. But the investment opportunities are different. Turkey, for example, is the largest area and population. Croatia has historically been closely linked with Austria and Germany. The remaining countries are relatively small and equal opportunities. Bulgaria and Romania, however, now have the benefit of members of the European Union, which gives investors greater peace of their stability.

Are you surprised by anything the economic picture in Bulgaria and neighboring countries?
-From what we heard noticed that Bulgaria had in 2008 quite foreign investors. For comparing the received country as direct foreign investment 9.2 billion U.S. dollars with those in 10 times more populous Turkey $ 18,000,000,000 / and Romania – three times more residents / $ 13,000,000,000 /, we see that e had in our love. But now, said Violetta, these investments have decreased dramatically, indicating that some of them were, perhaps, along the speculative real estate.

Are you amenable to our representative, the nature of exported, its erudition and competence?
-Violetta Kunze, in my view, is presented very well. It is highly erudite expert, well aware of the legal side of business investment in Bulgaria. Her English was very good. Her presence was provided at the request of Baker & McKenzie and therefore its presentation did not focus directly on investment and business climate in Bulgaria as in other countries, and more on the legal aspects of business in the region.

What are the possibilities for integrating the activities of the Chicago ethnic community organizations like the American and Southeast-European Chamber of Commerce, the Bulgarian-American Association, the Bulgarian-American Center for spiritual and cultural heritage, etc. with the relevant businesses of the parties and the U.S.?
-There are good opportunities for the integration of organizations such as AMSECC, BAA and others in the Chicago business environment. The world becomes more globalized and companies are frantically looking for places where they had the best prospects in your business. And such organizations as AMSECC, help better understanding of the region, in the case of Southeast Europe. Help and understanding of the characteristics of both business and culturally. And thanks to this enterprising people can make more accurate decisions about their future business. Demand and desire for greater competition and requires the activity of our organization contributes to the overall success – and in the USA and our countries of southeast Europe.

Violeta Kunze

Very well presented the possibilities and peculiarities of the Bulgarian economy and legal issues related to the event arrived particular lawyer Violetta Kunze. She is a partner in the Bulgarian law firm Djingov, Gouginski, Kyuchukov and Velichkov
one of the most popular in Bulgaria. She studied law and practiced in this country, the United States in England.
– The firm was founded in 1994 – said Kunze. – I hospitalized in 1997. We were seven lawyers. Now we are 52. The firm offers legal and consulting services to major Bulgarian and foreign companies.
Our compatriot is a manager of a subsidiary company in Frankfurt. Divided in two months – the same for Germany and Bulgaria.
– During the period 1997 – 2005 worked on privatizations – Kunz says. – Attract serious investors. Now, when the financial crisis work changed. But there will always be interested in energy, information technology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, foods.
Symposium looks like in her eyes?
– Here I had difficult task to present the possibilities of Bulgaria from a legal standpoint. The meeting was interesting. Attended U.S. companies that received basic information on countries and businesses. What can make investments? In the shares of Bulgarian companies, manufacturing, services, financing of Bulgarian company developing deposits …
The presence of a lawyer Violetta Kunze of the symposium in Chicago is not at all accidental. As a sponsor of the event was her American company invited Baker & McKenzie, which has partnered in many cases with their Bulgarian colleagues. And what company are Americans?

Baker & McKenzie

Both alumnus of the university faculties of law in Chicago – Russell Baker and John McKenzie created in 1949 in our city firm, which for sixty years is becoming a giant in the unique world of law. Now staffed by 3,900 lawyers in 70 offices scattered across 39 countries on the planet. They are like a living illustration of the biblical prendstavi we have to Babylon. Lawyers are from 60 countries and speak 75 languages. Global Law Firm Baker & McKenzie attorneys have more than all other competitors in cities like New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. They are also among the first firms to penetrate behind the Iron Curtain. The company is known as a place where making very much care for the training and specialization of its staff. Many of the best lawyers in the world are hatched in this nest. Among them is Christine Lagarde – Minister of Finance is now in the office of Sarkozy in Paris. Lagarde combines French diplomatic finesse and the American probivnost and candor. ‘Teeth and smile “is her motto, who shall make it more tempered in its sports period – the time of relentless and endless drills in the swimming pool. It is a national competitor in synchronized swimming. Then Lagarde attend regularly at the top of world rankings for the most influential women in the world. Her experience in Chicago, just at this place held a seminar talk in the building of the Prudential Plaza, where the offices of Baker and McKenzie, discard it high – among the stars as financiers and politicians of the world rank. In 1999 she was the first woman – president of the Executive Committee of the company in Chicago and operates 60 offices in 35 countries worldwide with 2400 employees. While there Lagarde increased profits for the company by 30 percent. As finance minister in France, she amazed everyone. Its innovative but complex and reasonable anti-crisis measures svedoha minimize shrinkage of the French economy and won her the title “Best Finance Minister of the Eurozone.

Igor Jokanovic

President-Southeast US-European Chamber of Commerce Dzhokanovich Igor said: “The mission of Chicago AmSECC organization is to stimulate economic development and cultural exchange between the U.S. and the countries of Southeast Europe through the establishment of contacts and create more significant and permanent links between the countries of this part of Europe and the USA. We strive to achieve this by creating more personal contacts between business circles of various development projects, collection of relevant information and its dissemination, promotion of foreign direct investment and export-import relations, creating better business opportunities between communities in America.

Thanks for all your support, led the seminar “Business and investment opportunities in Southeast Europe” organized in partnership with law firm Baker and Mackenzie! The first reviews we received were very positive. In the words of many prokradva even be thought very late. We will continue to provide specific opportunities and projects in South East European countries, U.S. companies and investors.

Material prepared by Clement Velichkov
Translated into English via Google Translate
Specifically for “Bulgaria Sega”

Valentin Donchev
Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago