Croatian Accession to EU Creates Opportunities

By Dimitar Tchalakov|April 22, 2013|Articles|0 comments

CRG LOGO  SQThe Republic of Croatia will become the 28th member of the European Union on July 1st 2013. Croatia is only the second country from former Yugoslavia to become EU members; Slovenia being the first. In joining the EU, Croatia will become part of the European single market with access to more than 600 million consumers. Croatia’s accession to the EU creates opportunities for both domestic and foreign companies. AmSECC’s St. Louis-based member, International Business Trade and Development Consulting (IBTDC), along with its Croatian subsidiary and nonprofit affiliates is participating in various projects that foster the economic development of Croatia as well as trade relationships between the US and Croatia.

 IBTDC is working with several US and Croatian educational institutions, local and regional governments and businesses to develop economic, scientific and cultural cooperation between institutions in both countries. As details are finalized information will be provided to AmSECC members.
NGO EU Centar, Croatian-based IBTDC’s non-profit affiliate was awarded a grant by the US Embassy in Croatia to promote and foster economic cooperation between US and Croatia (especially as a future EU member). The series of workshops and roundtables will be held in Croatia to familiarize Croatian businesses with business practices in the US. We expect participation of American and Croatian government officials and businesses. AmSECC will also participate in providing information on what it can offer to businesses aimed to foster business between US and Southeast Europe.
 IBTDC’s affiliates in Croatia are also busy implementing EU funded projects in the field of renewable energy. The first project is focused on developing a Renewable Energy Center with a biogas facility Osijek, Croatia. This project is moving forward in cooperation with the City of Osijek, the University of Osijek, and Hungarian partners. The second project concerns research on the potential of using solar energy in cooling in the Adriatic region. The project is being implemented under the leadership of Area Science Park from Trieste and the participation of 11 partners from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Greece. IBTDC is also busy preparing other project proposals for EU funding since the level of funding will dramatically increase with Croatia’s accession to the EU.
 IBTDC is also working with several clients on accessing both US and SEE markets – details forthcoming.
If any of AmSECC members or affiliates need assistance in developing business in Southeast Europe or developing trade between US and SEE, do not hesitate to contact IBTDC at their St. Louis office.

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