ICE Sonic dry ice blasting equipment

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ICEsonic would like to enter into distribution agreement with a suitable company, which will promote ICEsonic brand, distribute and commit themselves to after sales service, like training and servicing equipment for end user when needed.

ICEsonic is manufacturing and exporting dry ice blasting equipment to all 5 continents.

ICEsonic dry ice blasting equipment is used for industrial cleaning in various industries, from petrochemical and power generation to mining, food and aerospace.

Dry ice is carbon dioxide (CO2) in its solid form. Unlike water ice, solid carbon dioxide passes directly from a solid to a gas. It has no liquid state. This characteristic is called sublimation.

With no liquid state, there is nothing to carry pollutants into drainage systems or the ground water. This makes containment of the material being removed much easier. It also keeps cleanup labour, transportation and disposal costs to a minimum.

In today’s environmental and climate conscious world, the aspect of having a cleaning process without a secondary waste stream is very appealing. The public eye seems to be focused on industrial businesses with the consensus that all business owners and operators will conduct themselves in an environmentally responsible manner.

The dry ice blasting process is similar in concept to the other media blasting methods, it delivers the cleaning media, dry ice pellets, by a pressurized air stream. The accelerated pellets impact the surface being cleaned and instantly expand into a gas almost 800 times greater than their original solid volume.

Kinetic energy, thermal shock and these miniature explosions are the principles at work while dry ice blasting. The miniature explosions are very advantageous when removing heavy elastic coatings. Rather than abrading the top of the coating, the blasting stream is aimed under an edge and the miniature explosions are used to lift or peel the coating from the surface it is adhered to.

Dry ice blasting systems from ICEsonic are the most cost effective in the industry because of the quality built into each unit. Each dry ice blasting model is made from all stainless steel construction with quality superior components. ICEsonic systems have the versatility to be used in numerous industrial applications. They are mobile for easy transport and can withstand hostile working environments. Whether your cleaning needs require light or heavy pressure cleaning, ICEsonic CO2 blast cleaning systems will clean quickly and thoroughly.

All ICEsonic machines are supplied with hose, gun and set of nozzles, and are ready to blast.

Operational and service manual accompanies each machine.

Kindly see our company and technology info in attachment.

Delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

For technical information please visit our web site.

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