Local Bulgarian Artist, Kina Bagovska

By Dimitar Tchalakov|April 14, 2013|Articles|0 comments

CRG LOGO  SQKina Bagovska, Founder and President of the Bulgarian American Heritage Center (BAHC) in Chicago was born in Bulgaria and has called Chicago home since 2000. She received a Masters Degree from the Academy of Arts in Poland and currently works as an art teacher and journalist.

Ms. Bagovska has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions throughout Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, and the United States. She has twice been awarded with a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.
Ms. Bagovska’s most recent exhibition “Sacred and Erotic” contains a series of twelve mixed media drawings exploring the idea that an artist’s creative process is a sacred ritual. She depicts the female forms of ancient Thracian figurines, using natural materials including rough sand and transparent silk. At the heart of the series is Ms. Bagovska’s belief that her role as an artist is to initiate a creative process in the viewer. The exhibit is a continuation of her previous work shown in Chicago and Paris in 2011.
As a member of ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation since 2003, Kina Bagovska will participate in the gallery’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Opening on April 6, 2013, the group exhibit will feature over 100 local and international artists.
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