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AmSECC and TUTA present Uncle Vanya

TutaIt has been over hundred and ten years since the first staging of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s play Uncle Vanya at the Moscow Art Theatre. Tuta Theatre and its director Zeljko Djukic recreated the magnificent play at the Chopin Theatre Chicago that was challenging in both form and content.
American Southeast Europe Chamber of Commerce (AmSECC) and its forty one guests were treated to a wonderful evening of cultural exchange and friendship with the cast and crew of Tuta Theatre. AmSECC’s guests, besides enjoying a private viewing of this exceptional play, also gained rare insights from the cast and crew about staging, acting, Chekhov, and much more. Last, but not least, AmSECC and its guests celebrated AmSECC President Igor Jokanovic's 33rd birthday after the play.

We thank our guests for supporting Tuta Theatre and AmSECC.
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