Renewable energy investment opportunity in EU accession country- Croatia

By Dimitar Tchalakov|December 4, 2012|Articles|0 comments

The City of Osijek is the fourth largest city in Croatia with a population of 128,095 in 2011. It is the largest city and the economic and cultural center of the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia, as well as the administrative center of Osijek-Baranja County. Osijek is located on banks of River Drava, 25 kilometers (16 mi) upstream from its confluence with the Danube, at an elevation of 94 meters (308 ft).


The City of Osijek would like to use the upcoming accession of Republic of Croatia into the European Union on July 1, 2013 to attract investors and foster trade with those companies interested in tapping into the single European market with more than 500 million residents.
The City of Osijek has an excellent geographic position, an educated workforce, a solid agricultural and industrial base that can be offered to potential partners. In order to foster investment, the  City started many activities to achieve this goal. The City has contracted Energo-data d.o.o, the Croatian subsidiary International Business, Trade and Development Consulting- IBTDC,LLC from St. Louis, MO to consult the city in implementing these activities
As result of these efforts the City of Osijek has been awarded an EU funded project to “[foster] economic development through trade development and investment promotion- with focus on renewable energy and environment.” The project has been implemented with Hungarian partners and with the  help of Energo-data d.o.o. The main goal of the project was to encourage the economic development of cross-border regions, which include the city of Osijek with the region and Zala County through attracting foreign investment and export promotion, with particular emphasis on clean and renewable energy sources and environmental protection. Many workshops were conducted and studies on economic development of Osijek and promotional material was developed. The material and opportunities can be viewed at
The continuation of this project will be a new EU funded project “Croatia-Hungary Renewable Energy Network (CHREN)” – which will be implemented in partnership with the University of Osijek and Hungarian partners. The main objective is development of Renewable Energy Center with a bio gas facility as part of the center.
The City would like to welcome all investors and companies interested in trade development with Osijek. If you would like more information on the investment opportunities in Osijek, particularly in renewable energy, but also in other sectors, please contact AMSECC member IBTDC  via
or via phone 314-299-1555.