Taking bus ticketing to the internet

By Matija|December 9, 2013|Articles|0 comments

InfographicBalkanViator (“viator” meaning “traveler” in Latin) is a website which serves as a search engine for information on bus departure times, taxi services, and carpooling in Southeast Europe. Fully translated into eight world languages and with a digital database of over 20000 bus departure times, 10000 cities, and 1000 taxi services – it is the largest sole provider of information on bus, taxi, and carpool travel that aims to cover the entire Southeast Europe region. But how can one book bus tickets in the region?

The only way to book bus tickets in Southeast Europe is to physically purchase them at a bus station or a local bus carrier office. This means that a traveler cannot book a ticket over the internet and have a peace of mind when planning a journey. This is very inconvenient as one can never guarantee oneself a seat on a bus unless they are physically present. An online bus ticketing system would give users the comfort of booking tickets from their computers and mobile phones without having to wait in lines at the bus station or worry whether there will be seats available on the bus. Planning of journeys would be organized, efficient, and worry free. With the knowledge of the latest technology and determination, the BalkanViator team believes they can change things for the better so they have decided to launch a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds to develop the first ever online bus ticketing system for Southeast Europe.

To read more about this development and follow the progress of their campaign, see the following link – http://igg.me/at/balkanviator/x/5341495 . Support the campaign if you can and don’t forget to share the news with your friends!

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